About Pamboo

Welcome to the world of Pamboo!

We are a registered trade mark used for clothes made of organic cotton. In our assortment you
can find baby clothes, swaddle-fabrics, T-shirts for kids and adults and gift-sets.

Pamboo offers:

-    practical designs
-    Soft, natural and comfortable fabrics
-    Tender colours

Pamboo. Love to Care

Bio organic cotton grows without any chemical agent i.e. no usage of pesticides or insecticides. Bio organic cotton seeds are not genetically modified in any way.
No chemical treatment was applied, the fabric is unbleached and uncoloured.
Benefits of Bio Organic Cotton:
Bio organic cotton products are softer and easier on sensitive baby skin than common (chemically treated) cotton.  Additionally, bio organic cotton has a soft colour ranging from milk-white to beige and brown. The colours are protective to baby’s eyes. Due to its antistatic condition with good breathability, it prevents sensitive baby skin from itching and dermatitis.
Bio Organic cotton certification:

GOTS certified fabrics

Organic 100 content standard certified baby clothing:

GOPCA certified T-shirts:

Production process: from field to Pamboo cloth

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