Piggy dreaming T-Shirt for kids of 3-10 years

„Piggy dreaming“ are trendy T-shirts made of organic cotton with exchangeable stickers for kids of 3-10 years that willing to express his latest adventure.
Piggy is a real quick-change artist and makes his dreams come true. Once in a lifetime being a frightening pirate or rather conquer the space as astronaut?

Become part of Piggy’s dream world and experience together the most exciting dreams.
That’s how it works: First choose your size of the basic T-shirt and then Piggy has the choice between five different dream roles as stickers. Once chosen, immediately fix it on the T-shirt and exchange as often as you like.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGUVPk9AAiA

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Piggy dreaming T-Shirts
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